Laundry Powder: 160 Loads


Package of Moon Works Natural 100% Biodegradable Laundry Powder - 160 Loads

  • Purely Natural Ingredients
  • Compatible with Standard, Commercial, and HE Washers
  • Plumbing and Septic System Safe
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging, Recyclable Plastic
  • Ultra Concentrated for Maximum Efficiency
  • Hypoallergenic Formula
  • Provides Up to 160 Loads
  • Available in Lavender, Balsam Fir, or Unscented Variants

Conventional Machine - Use 2 TBS per medium-size load.

HE Machine - Use 1 TBS per medium-sized load.

Add up to 1 TBS more for large loads or really dirty clothes!

To pre-treat stains: make a paste with water and laundry power, rub into stain, and let sit before washing.

Simple All-Natural Ingredients
sodium biocarbonate (baking soda) sodium tetraborate (borax) grated castille soap, 100& pure essential oil.

FREE of animal by-products or testing, chlorine, phosphates, and optical brighteners.

Accepted by Feingold Association, educating the public about the benefits of choosing natural products.


Expect no suds. Just clean clothes.

Laundry Powder Directions

Conventional Machine: use 2TBS per medium-size load.

HE Machine: Use 1 TBS per medium-sized load.